Paul Henry

Born 1st Jan 1970,
Physical Height: 0.00m | Weight: kg
Position Hooker
Teams Brive

Six awful pitches to replace the Paul Henry Show - New Zealand Herald

Just before the weather, Bella will catch up with All Black legend Sean Fitzpatrick as he drives the length and breadth of the country in the pink fist car from those aborted Telecom rugby world cup commercials, dispensing chocolate milk to children in ...

Paul Henry to host new breakfast show - New Zealand Herald

Paul Henry to host new breakfast show - New Zealand Herald

The end of The Paul Henry Show is nigh with Henry returning to a breakfast slot in a new show which will be broadcast on both TV3 and RadioLive. MediaWorks today announced what the company calls the country's "first cross platform show" which will ...

Climate change now 'irreversible' - Prof McPherson - 3News NZ

1 month agoby 3News NZon Google News

The climate change message is just depressing, no matter what way you look at it. Best case scenario, we all have to change our lives dramatically, just to keep us vaguely on the right track. Worst case scenario - were all doomed. Unsurprisingly, that ...

John Drinnan: Henry bait for money men - New Zealand Herald

Whether you like Paul Henry or loathe him, his new breakfast show on TV and radio next year symbolises the way media are going. Mainstream media companies will co-operate more, and in New Zealand there are already widespread cross-media ties.

Political opinions of your average Kiwi - Bella - 3News NZ

2 months agoby 3News NZon Google News

Neither do the ordinary New Zealanders the Paul Henry Show will be talking to between now and the September 20 election. These are hard-working Kiwis who care about what's happening in the world, but who are also far too busy to be bogged down in the ...

Paul Henry calls text scammer live on-air - 3News NZ

5 months agoby 3News NZon Google News

A fraud just like this has been sweeping through the TV3 offices. Three people on the Paul Henry Show have received texts like this in the past week. And odds are if you haven't been targeted yet, you will be. Paul Henry wanted to get to the bottom of ...

Paul Henry's 9 in 10: Karleen at Variety of Chefs - 3News NZ

2 months agoby 3News NZon Google News

Paul Henry's '9 in 10': Where Paul gets guests or specially-selected contestants to name nine specific instances of a general category in 10 seconds. For example: name nine types of flower. It's surprisingly hard to do. Watch some winning '9 in 10's:.

Paul and Mike's battle of the mic - New Zealand Herald

This week, colourful broadcaster Paul Henry was announced as the new host of a TV, radio and online breakfast show. There has been no reaction from his radio rival, top-rating NewstalkZB host Mike Hosking. So we asked someone what he's likely thinking, ...

New Zealand needs to know 'the other side of Key' – Nicky Hager - 3News NZ

3 months agoby 3News NZon Google News

... Cameron Slater of conspiring with people close to the Mr Key in a campaign of dirty tricks. Paul Henry spoke to Mr Hager earlier today and started by asking him if he had any actual evidence of illegal activity from National Party people or their ...

Discussion needed on mass surveillance – panel - 3News NZ

2 months agoby 3News NZon Google News

He's also proved unwilling to talk to talk to the Paul Henry Show tonight - both he and journalist Glenn Greenwald were invited on and have declined to appear. So is Prime Minister John Key losing any sleep over this tonight? Former National Party ...

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