Australia propose a mini World Cup in 2021

Australia propose a mini World Cup in 2021

Rugby Australia are proposing a mini Rugby World Cup this year to boost the coffers of international rugby unions.

“We are still expecting the Rugby Championship to go ahead this year but perhaps we can add to it and create a mini World Cup,” Rugby Australia Chairman Hamish McLennan said in his interview with the Financial Times.

“We have the French (coming) in July but if anyone else wants to come out, great. We have a significant British and Irish population here and South Africans. We are open to creating a new tournament and keeping the international calendar going.”

South Africa missed the Rugby Championship hosted in Australia in 2020  citing player welfare concerns while European rugby has been hard hit with the sport going ahead behind closed doors.

He said the virus had accelerated rugby’s need to look at alternative funding mechanisms. “I have chatted at a high level with CVC, Silver Lake and a few other private equity groups and these have been constructive.”

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