John M. Apr 4

Hats of to Muldoon. What a career.

William Joyce Apr 4

Muldoon Legend....

Darcie Apr 4

Why did someone try chase down muldoons conversion so aggressively. Seemed un sportsmanlike

Paul Gallagher Apr 4

Hopeless leinster

Conor King Apr 4

Haha... brilliant! :)

Ultimate Rugby Apr 4

Penalty Connacht as Leinster are pinged for holding on. Muldoon taps and fires the ball to touch, bringing the game to a close. FT here at The Sportsground.

Ultimate Rugby Apr 4

Into the 83rd minute of play now

Ultimate Rugby Apr 4

Leinster win the ball at the lineout and look to roll their maul

Ultimate Rugby Apr 4

Another Leinster penalty as Connacht infringe at the breakdown. Carbery goes to the corner once more

Vincent Mcdonnell Apr 4

You’ll be missed John Muldoon.