Stephen Feb 2

This is a new low. Has any team in the competition ever lost at home by more than 7 to these amateurs? Embarrassing.

John M. Feb 2

I did not predict this outcome. That’s footie. Hats off to Zebre. Hard luck, Connacht.

Con Cussed Feb 2

Didn't see much of the game but Zebre looked the better team. This is an improved team from last year. Good for Italian rugby 🏉

paul h Feb 2

Connauht lose 8 line outs. 8! Season over?

Thomas Farrell Feb 2

Shocking result. Not even a losing bp at home to Zebre.

Ultimate Rugby Feb 2

FT Connacht 11 Zebre 19

Ultimate Rugby Feb 2

Zebre turn it over and clear to touch. What a win for the visitors

AidanD Feb 2

connachts play has been horrible. Look good each attack and then toss a dodgy 50/50. zebra playing brilliant defence though. Connor oshea working wonders in Italy with all the coaches he's bringing in

Ultimate Rugby Feb 2

Ronaldson finds touch 5m out

Ultimate Rugby Feb 2

Kicking the ball in the ruck