Lucy Darmanin Mar 3

bad luck Italy. played so well this year

AidanD Mar 3

unlucky for Italia but we'll done Scotland. fantastic game

Celine Heffernan Mar 3

Well done Scotland, we Celts should stick together. They never gave up.

John Ryan Mar 3

Hard luck Italy ...stay with it.

Con Cussed Mar 3

Great v game from Italy

Stephen Colliar Mar 3


Stephen Colliar Mar 3

Scotland get out of jail. Italy must be absolutely gutted. What do they need to do to get a win.

Stephen Colliar Mar 3

And to think Allan could’ve been playing for Scotland if they had given him a contract with one of the pro teams.

Con Cussed Mar 3

Scotland redeem themselves

Michael Higgins Mar 3

Now Ireland 🇮🇪