A Second Six Nations in 2020?

A Second Six Nations in 2020?

The idea of a second Six Nations is being considered by the Northern Hemisphere unions according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The plans have surfaced as southern hemisphere teams may not be able to travel North due to the global pandemic. The contingency idea could become a reality this autumn as no November internationals would mean 'serious issues' for home unions' finances. 


New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Fiji, Tonga, Argentina and Japan are all set to travel to Europe for Tests in November.

Those countries have fewer cases of Covid-19 than in Europe but all are tracking upwards. 

According to 'a well-placed' Sportsmail source, in the event they cannot travel matches between the Six Nations teams could be hastily arranged to replace the north-v-south fixtures. 

The financial imperative of staging internationals is clear. A Twickenham sell-out makes the RFU around £10million, with Wales, Ireland and Scotland earning around half that for home games.


'If Europe is past the worst but the southern hemisphere is still in the thick of it, you could have a second Six Nations,' said a source. 


'If the autumn Tests don't take place, every union would face serious issues. It would change the whole landscape for everybody.' 


The incomplete 2020 Six Nations would have to be completed before these possible fixtures. 


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