Ronan Crowley 5d

Kay OBrien 5d


Pearse Lydon 5d

Where's that mole Thomadpark

Sean Carroll 5d

I did not see that coming
That may go down as one of our biggest wins
Simply amazing
Great pride

Paul L. 5d

18 tries in two matches, magnificent performance guys.

John M. 5d

Well done lads.

Leinster Exile. 5d

Lets hope Munster can do the business tomorrow!

Jaames Garrett McNamara 5d

Munster fan here. Leinster were sensational tonight! All looks good for Ireland going forward. The age of that back line with McGrath, Henshaw, Ringrose, Bryne, O'Loughlin and Carberry getting fit is great for Irish rugby!! 👍... Munster too playing well. Ireland can hopefully go forward and dominate the Northern Hemisphere for years to come!! Well done again Leinster 👍

Fergus O. 5d

Brilliant win Leinster

Marian O'Rourke 5d

Well done leinster