All Black briefing: Scott and Jordie Barrett and scrum coach Jason Ryan

All Black briefing: Scott and Jordie Barrett and scrum coach Jason Ryan

Scott Barrett, second-row

On the forward pack feeling the hurt after two big losses in a row: 

"I don't think we are lacking any determination, there is plenty of hunger and drive in the group. Twickenham (against South Africa pre-Rugby World Cup), that hurt I guess. We weren't up to the mark there, we were well off physically, sort of out-powered. On Friday night (against France) particularly around the scrum there was a few little games being played but we've got to adapt.

"There is plenty of fuel in the tank. This group wants to keep getting better. There is no lack of drive off the back of that loss."

On the need to adapt better to the conditions in France: 

"It is a bit of a factor, the water breaks probably stop the flow of the game a wee bit. They are probably needed from a bit of a welfare thing. I guess you just have to adapt to the conditions, whatever it is. 

"You can't make excuses if it's hot, it's wet, it's cold, whatever, you just roll your sleeves up." 

On Ethan Blackadder's call-up: 

"Ethan, he will step in and bring plenty of energy and an engine that just keep chugging, like a diesel. That's what he brings and the boys love what he does." 

On preparing for Namibia 

"I didn't play against them in 2019 but from what I gather from the boys who did they said it's going to be physical and confrontational, so we are preparing." 

Jordie Barrett, centre

On his knee injury improving slowly: 

"It's coming along pretty good. A slow 10 or 14 days but it's on the improve. So, just day-by-day. It's a funny one really, it's come on out of nowhere in the past couple of weeks. Just a joint injury and a bit of inflammation but I am getting there and making progress each day. 

"I got through today really well which is positive and got through some running. I didn't do any running last week at all, just been on the watt bike."

On needing to learn lessons quickly from France defeat: 

"You only need to look at what happened four years ago. South Africa were world champs and they lost the first game and got a few lessons in that game that put them in great stead for the rest of the tournament and we're looking to do something similar. 

"It's hot here at the moment and we probably didn't adapt to those conditions as well as we could have last weekend. We've seen teams in the last few days do that as well. Teams without the ball are going a long way to winning some of these test matches, kicking a lot, forcing a lot of mistakes, it's so hard to hold the ball.

"George Ford (England fly-half) kicked 27 points with 14 men on the pack and he was outstanding and the Welsh made over 200 tackles and an attacking side like Fiji couldn't cross until the last quarter just because it's so greasy. 

"We found in our game there was only 27 minutes of ball in play which was pretty crazy really. In a match we would like that number to be a bit higher and bring some fatigue into the game and potentially reduce those water breaks, so we can use that to our advantage a little bit more."

Jason Ryan, scrum coach

On proceeding carefully with injured skipper Sam Cane:  

"Nah, he didn't train today. He got through a little bit of running work and we'll reassess Sam tomorrow. 

"We've got to get him right and now's the chance to do that. We won't be taking any risks with skip because he's important to us." 

On other injuries:

"Shannon (Frizell) is progressing really well. We hope to get a full training week out of him next week. 

"Jordie (Barrett) is ticking away and Tyrel (Lomax) got through some good running today and a little bit of scrumload too, which is good. Those boys have been working hard and we are going to need them all." 

On the All Black forward pack: 

"I think that's a real honest appraisal and I agree with you [that they need to step up]. We know that this test match against Namibia is really important for us a forward pack."

On adapting quickly to the prevailing themes of Rugby World Cup 2023: 

"If you look at the common themes of this World Cup it's discipline, set piece pressure and kicking. And I think we learned a couple of valuable lessons in all of those areas to be honest.

"What we've also noticed is the ball and the humidity, it's quite greasy and the jerseys are really wet. There has been a couple of turnovers from ball carries from all teams and adjusting to that and training with wet balls is important for us.

"It's been said a couple of times; it's probably going to be the closest World Cup there's been in a while. All the teams are really raising the bar."

On coach Steve Hansen's impact on training: 

"No, look on a personal level he's been unbelievable for me right through my Super Rugby career and right into the All Blacks. He's someone I stay in contact with all the time and to have him in here, he's got a beautiful eye on him and drops a few good one liners in. But he also helps the coaches and wants the All Blacks to be better first and foremost. 

"He's here until Wednesday. It's been good. He's arguably the greatest coach we've ever had so it's really special to have him in here, really special." 

On loose-head prop Ethan de Groot: 

"He's probably one of the most determined, young rugby players I've ever coached. He's immensely tough and he cares deeply and it would be unfair to point the finger at him solely. 

"You talk about northern hemisphere scrummaging and how they do it and it is different but when you scrum against them, you get to learn from them. And we are in a position where we have learned a couple of things where we can be better of.

"But just building his confidence (is important too) and making sure he's not taking too much to heart because he is a young fella who has come onto the scene pretty quickly and he's come a different past than most and we believe in him 100 per cent."

On Lyon becoming a second 'home' for the All Blacks: 

"It's really becoming home for us. It's a great little spot. The guys are scooting around the place and getting to know the nice coffee shops and restaurants." 

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