Attack coach Wigglesworth (ENG) - 'Smith a class act wherever he plays'

Attack coach Wigglesworth (ENG) - 'Smith a class act wherever he plays'
Comments from England's attack coach Richard Wigglesworth on Sunday following the 71-0 Pool D victory over Chile in Lille on Saturday, 23 September.

Richard Wigglesworth, attack coach

On performance in victory over Chile:

"Very pleased. They did a really professional job. It was a bit sticky early on and we'd made a few changes. We've seen other teams in the competition make that amount of changes and not come together like we did for the last 60 minutes.

"We were clinical generally getting out of our half which gave us lots of opportunities that we then took. Always loads to improve as ever."

On acknowledging opposition was Chile:

"We review every game in terms of what we'd want to keep, what we take forward, what we want to see more of and then where would you want to find some improvements. This game will be no different."

On Marcus Smith's performance at full-back:

"He has given us food for thought throughout pre-season. That's the standard he operates at. I know it was a bigger talking point than we felt it was, we just see a great rugby player. Really impressed with him.

"We were really confident he would produce that sort of performance. He looked great."

On Smith being option to start tougher games at full-back:

"He's a top, top international rugby player. When you have the level of ability he has got then you are always a viable option."

On if Smith is a full-back who plays fly-half or fly-half who can play full-back:

"He's a fly-half who can play full-back. What's impressive about him is that he just ripped into the role. He's just gone 'I want to get in to the team, I want to have an impact at a World Cup'. What an attitude for someone to have. 

"There hasn't been a hint of 'Oh well, this isn't my preferred position'. He's not done that, he's just gone 'let me make an impact on this team' on the players around me. He has been first-class."

On if Smith has been told to style himself on another full-back:

"We have let Marcus do it the Marcus way. We want Marcus Smith to be like Marcus Smith at full-back and no-one else."

On Henry Arundell's five tries:

"If we can get the ball to him in space then he's electric. He's a finisher, knows his way to the try line. He owes a few of the lads inside him a few beers for the help, but some of them he scored himself."

On where England are in tournament with break before game against Samoa on Saturday, 7 October:

"We have got what we'd want out of the games and put ourselves in a strong position in the pool. We've been building. We said it would take time, but we want to play the smartest rugby we can. That will change from game to game, that's the same for every rugby team in the world.

"You don't put your best or most clinical performance out every week. But in patches we've been as good as we've needed to be in the three games. Now, let's improve and make those patches of performance for longer and longer as the opposition ramps up."

On if watched South Africa v Ireland:

"We watched a bit of it. It was intense. There wasn't much in it, two very good teams going at it."

On if South Africa and Ireland setting standard England have to aim for:

"We are definitely not looking at anyone else and going 'Oh God, we have got to change and be like that'. If we did that we'd be in a whole world of trouble if that was how we were going to coach."

On fly-half Owen Farrell's performance on his return:

"He was very good. He didn't miss a beat. I don't think anyone expected him to. He ran the team, led brilliantly all week and gave a very assured Owen Farrell performance."

On how much of a lift did his presence give the team:

"His presence has been there the whole time. He has made sure to do that in a really intelligent way, letting Courtney Lawes lead. On the field, he is a general for whatever team he plays in and generally makes the players around him better which is a sign of the top player he is."

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