Eddie Jones gives Super Rugby Aotearoa the thumbs up

Eddie Jones gives Super Rugby Aotearoa the thumbs up

England head coach Eddie Jones has praised the format of the current New Zealand domestic competition Super Rugby Aotearoa, highlighting the benefits of strength vs strength.

"The main thing is, and I think it's shown, is that people want a strong domestic competition. And it’s probably fallen away a little bit," Jones told Sky Sports Rugby.

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"New Zealand’s Super Rugby Aotearoa has shown that people want to see the best against the best, which was always what Super Rugby was.

"If you remember back to Super 12, it was the best against the best, the best players playing against each other. And over a period of time that has been diluted because of players moving overseas, the number of teams increasing and it’s lost that really competitive edge.

"I think the task for each country is to make sure their domestic league is the best against the best and highest level of competition, and if you can do that, fans will come and watch it."

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