Wasps Rugby update

Wasps Rugby update
Wasps continues its substantial efforts to return the men's and women's teams to the highest level possible of performance rugby. In October 2023 we outlined the 3 pillars that define our intent and our direction of travel. They are:
A competition entity
One that is fit for purpose and reflects the values that WASPS and others adhere to.
Sustainable finance
The cornerstone of our recovery relies on sustainable finance and a robust business plan that avoids a single point of failure.
A stadium in which to play
We have made substantial progress in the establishment of a suitable ground in which to play as we progress the planning for our new stadium.
What has changed?

We can now inform you that we have secured the core Sustainable finance and a Stadium in which to play. All we are waiting for is a competition to join that will allow us to compete at the highest level - and one that shares our values.

As we navigate through our most challenging period, this is a call to all of you who have shared this journey with us. Whatever entity we join will want to know the level of support we enjoy. By signing up to our new database, you're not just showing support; you're becoming a foundational part of our return.

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