5 heaviest players in the ProD2

5 heaviest players in the ProD2

As most rugby players are noticeably big, their sizes are needed to absorb all the hits they take on the field.

But some players just happen to be bigger than others, so we take a look at the 5 heaviest players in the Pro D2:


Paea Fa'anunu (124KG)

Fa'anunu stunts for Dax and easily becomes the club's heaviest player at the moment.

His most recent appearance was helping Dax clintch a 28-25 win over Oyonnax last month.

Bernard Tokutu'u (133KG)

Beziers has acquired a bulldozer with the signing of Tokutu'u this year.

At 133KG, his impressive form and physique have made him a force to be reckoned with and is still forcing his way to greater achievements on the field.


Horatiu Pungea (134 KG)

Pungea has become a great asset on the field for Oyannax, with his size responsible for a lot of tackle success.

He has 30 caps for Romania and was selected for the country's Rugby World Cup in 2015.

Neemia Tialata (136KG)

Tialata showed great displays for Wellington throughout 2003-2010 and brought himself into the All Blacks selection frame, making his Test debut in the first match of the All Blacks UK & Ireland Tour in November.

The former All Black is also an artist, known for  sometimes designing tattoos for his team mates.

Antoine Guillamon (139KG)

French giant Guillamon fits in at the number 1 spot and becomes the heaviest player in the ProD2 at 139KG.

The 25-year-old began his playing career at Lyon before his ambition took him to Stade Toulousain in 2012.

His desired skills and firm feet have brought positive results since joining Oyannax in 2014.

His latest stunt on the field was back in May during the club's defeat by Stade Francais.

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