Calum Green cited for biting

Calum Green cited for biting

Calum Green of Newcastle Falcons will appear before an independent disciplinary panel on Wednesday 27th March.

Green was cited by independent citing commissioner Andy Blyth following the match between Newcastle Falcons and Sale Sharks on Saturday 23rd March.

The Falcon’s second rower is alleged to have bitten an opponent in the 22nd minute of the first half of the Gallagher Premiership match at St James’ Park contrary to Law 9.12 – a player must not physically abuse anyone including biting.

Steve Diamond criticised officials after the game describing the lack of punishment as “madness”.

Diamond said that Webber showed referee Craig Maxwell-Keys the bite mark but the official insisted there was insufficient evidence to take action. 

“Rob Webber’s got a bite mark that needed treatment at half-time and he may need to go to hospital with it,” said Diamond. “There was clear evidence of a bite mark.


“I get the reputation for being old school but Rob’s gone to the referee and shown him the bite where it’s bleeding and the referee has said there’s no clear evidence. But what more evidence do you need? Do I live on a different planet to those officials? No clear evidence? Madness.

“So we’ll see, the disciplinarians will take their view on it. I don’t know who it is – I’m sixty yards and the ref was two yards away so if he can’t see it, I can’t see it.”

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