Disciplinary Decision - Adre Smith

Disciplinary Decision - Adre Smith

The Red Card disciplinary process for Adré Smith of DHL Stormers was heard by a disciplinary panel after he was sent off in the United Rugby Championship Final Four game against Ulster on Saturday, June 11.


The Player received a Red Card under Law 9.12 – A player must not physically or verbally abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to, biting, punching, contact with the eye or eye area, striking with any part of the arm, shoulder, head or knee(s), stamping, trampling, tripping or kicking.

The panel (Owain Rhys James [Chair], Nigel Williams and Chris Watts – all Wales) reached the conclusion that the act was reckless and warranted a red card.

The panel determined that it was reckless, due to the risks of hand contact to the face to his opponent. After reviewing the footage, they are satisfied that it was not deliberate. The act merited a low end entry point, of 4 weeks with full mitigation given to the Player as a result of his early remorse and acknowledgement of the act, and behaviour during the process.

The Player was therefore suspended for two games, one of which was the URC Final on June 18, and a first class club game on June 25. The Player is therefore free to play as of today.

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