Eddie Jones: I'd get rid of numbers in Test rugby

Eddie Jones: I'd get rid of numbers in Test rugby

If Eddie Jones had his way, he would get rid of the numbers at the back of player's jerseys.

The England head coach believes that all members of his matchday 23 play equally important roles in terms of his side's performances.

With a maximum of eight replacements now allowed on the replacements' bench, Eddie Jones believes that the use of substitutes just in the case of injuries to first-choice players has no grounds in the modern game.

"As far as we (are) concerned we name a squad of 23," Jones told reporters at England's training base after unveiling his side to play against his native Australia at Twickenham this weekend.

"The only reason we have to put 1 to 15 is because of World Rugby, otherwise I wouldn't have it," Jones added. "I'd just have a squad of 23. We'd name 15 to run on and eight to finish. 


"That's the way the game's going to be."

Jones, asked if players would come round to his way of thinking, replied: "They never will because of the media.

"Not in a negative way. There's just more emphasis and status put on a starting guy than a finishing guy. That's a hard thing to change but I think the players understand we're a 23-man squad."

Owen Farrell came off the bench to lead a come from behind victory over Japan last week while on Saturday his fellow co-captain Dylan Hartley will be among the replacements, with Jamie George the starting hooker.

"That's why I was so pleased last week," said Jones, who refers to his replacements as "finishers".

"Owen showed how important it is to be a good team member. Some time you start, some time you finish. He did a brilliant job as a finisher. 

"Jamie and Dylan are swapping over. Jamie's done some great stuff for us as a finisher, he's got the opportunity now to show he can do the role as starter. Similarly with Dylan as a finisher."

 Story via: Rugby.com.au


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