Fiji reaction (Radradra, Kuruvoli, Tuisova, head coach Raiwalui, captain Nayacalevu)

Fiji reaction (Radradra, Kuruvoli, Tuisova, head coach Raiwalui, captain Nayacalevu)


Semi Radradra, wing

On the hurt of failing to seize on a last-gasp chance to beat Wales last week:

"It was really painful last week. We had to flush it through quick. We know we still have a lot in us so we want to prove that we have the fight for a quarter-final. Congratulations to the boys today because they showed they could fight until the end."

On where it ranks in his career:

"It is very special. It hasn't been done in 69 years. It is big for us as a team to win this kind of game and we are focused on another big one next week."

On the importance of head coach Simon Raiwalui taking the players to his home village:

"It is very important to us. A few of us play in Europe and in France so when we go back we stay in the city. It was telling that Simon took the team to the village, to connect to the people. During tough times, we have to look back at this moments."

On sleeping in a gym rather than in queen-size beds:

"This is just the way we have brought up. We have to sleep on a mat on the floor."

On whether Fiji have the team that can win the tournament:

"Yes, that's our target. That's our goal, to win the World Cup. Nothing is impossible. After this big win we have to refocus and see what happens next week."

Simione Kuruvoli, scrum-half

On being Fiji's new kicker having never successfully kicked five-out-of-five before: 

"To be honest, nah. 

"I normally just do the scrum part and feed the balls but I don't have the kicking bit. I thank the coaches for trusting me. I was surprised today. The extras that have been going on after training, the kicking - I thank the coaches again for believing in me. It went well today."

On having a well-thought-out plan to beat Australia and knowing they could dominate them: 

"We've been watching their games [way] back because New Zealand and Australia play heaps of games. We just took our learnings from [Australia's game versus Georgia] last week and we won. We were coming in to dominate them in many different ways, the scrums, the lineouts.

"We had our loss [to Wales] last week but we managed to take control, having less penalties against us." 

On the importance of the win for grassroots rugby in Fiji: 

"It would be very high. A win today will give a boost to the young ones to play for Fiji."


Josua Tuisova, Mastercard Player of the Match

On how it feels to have beaten Australia for the first time since 1954:

"First of all I want to give back the glory and the honour to the Lord Almighty for giving us the strength and the power.

"I know it's a long time for us, Fiji, since 19...I don't know, back in the day. It's history for us. I just want to thank the boys for their hard work. They gave everything. I just said to them for the second half to empty the tank, give everything they have to try to win this game. We treated this game like a final."

On the bond with his team-mates:

"We have a bond in the team, especially playing alongside some favourite players. We come together and play as a team. Winning this game is incredible."

Simon Raiwalui, head coach

On his feelings about the victory over Australia:

"I'm emotionally drained at the moment. I'm really proud of the boys. It was a great contest, a great Australian side. We're Pacific neighbours so we know each other well. It was a great match. It kept us guessing until the end."

On his pride:

"I couldn't be prouder. It's not just today. It's a culmination of the work we've done since the beginning of the campaign. We pushed the boys to the limits and they've never once complained. When you work hard, you get the results so I'm super proud of them."

On making Pool C wide open in terms of qualification:

"We have two very hard games coming up now. We'll review this game. I think there will be a few boys sore but I'm super proud."

Waisea Nayacalevu, captain

On Fiji's historic win:

"I'm proud of the boys, proud of the effort today. Today we made history. I'm just so proud of the boys and of the team."

On having a chance of reaching the last eight:

"What I told the boys today, today is our final. Today will determine whether we want to go up to the quarters so the mindset was do or die, do our best, fight to the end and the result will take care of itself."

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