Italy name 34-man squad

Italy name 34-man squad

Italy have named a 34-man squad for the Pergine Valsugana scheduled from 21 to 25 June. 


The squad contains 18 representatives from Benetton Rugby, 14 from Zebre and 2 from Calvisano and will be capatained by  


“An exciting journey officially begins with this first summer retreat,” said Kieran Crowley, head coach of the  Azzurri. 

“The Pergine Valsugana meeting represents an opportunity for a first contact with the group, starting to define the principles and objectives of the work that awaits us and to review some players who have remained on the sidelines of the national team due to injuries. We will start working together immediately on the identity of the blue group in view of the opportunities that await us in the future.” 

The squad:

Simone FERRARI (Benetton Rugby, 34 caps)
Danilo FISCHETTI (Zebre Rugby Club, 12 caps) *
Andrea LOVOTTI (Zebre Rugby Club, 47 caps) *
Marco RICCIONI (Benetton Rugby, 15 caps) *
Federico ZANI (Benetton Rugby, 16 caps)
Giosuè ZILOCCHI (Zebre Rugby Club, 15 caps) *
Luca BIGI (Zebre Rugby Club, 37 caps) - captain
Gianmarco LUCCHESI (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps) *
Marco MANFREDI (Zebre Rugby Club, newcomer) *
Niccolò CANNONE (Benetton Rugby, 13 caps) *
Marco LAZZARONI (Benetton Rugby, 15 caps) *
Federico RUZZA (Benetton Rugby, 22 caps) *
David SISI (Zebre Rugby Club, 15 caps)
Renato GIAMMARIOLI (Zebre Rugby Club, 4 caps) *
Michele LAMARO (Benetton Rugby, 7 caps) *
Giovanni LICATA (Zebre Rugby Club, 11 caps) *
Maxime MBANDA '(Zebre Rugby Club, 29 caps) *
Sebastian NEGRI (Benetton Rugby, 33 caps)
Braam STEYN (Benetton Rugby, 44 caps)
Callum BRALEY (Benetton Rugby, 10 caps)
Guglielmo PALAZZANI (Zebre Rugby Club, 44 caps)
Marcello VIOLI (Zebre Rugby Club, 21 caps) *
Carlo CANNA (Zebre Rugby Club, 52 caps)
Paolo GARBISI (Benetton Rugby, 10 caps) *
Mattia BELLINI (Zebre Rugby Club, 31 caps) *
Tommaso BONI (Zebre Rugby Club, 11 caps) *
Juan Ignacio BREX (Benetton Rugby, 5 caps)
Montanna IOANE (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps)
Federico MORI (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 9 caps) *
Luca MORISI (Benetton Rugby, 34 caps) *
Edoardo PADOVANI (Benetton Rugby, 28 caps) *
Luca SPERANDIO (Benetton Rugby, 11 caps)
Jacopo TRULLA (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 7 caps) *
Marco ZANON (Benetton Rugby, 6 caps) *

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