Italy Women's Squad Announced

Italy Women's Squad Announced

Andrea di Giandomenico, Head Coach of the women's rugby team, has announced the roster of 33 athletes called for the next Tiktok Women's Six Nations, scheduled to start on Saturday 26 March - the first match of the Azzurre: France v Italy, Sunday 27 March at 4 pm, Stade des Alpes (Grenoble). The athletes will begin the approach to the competition on Tuesday 22 March at the Biella Rugby sports facilities; on their return from France, the athletes will continue preparing for subsequent matches at the Citadel of Rugby in Parma, for the preparation of the internal matches with England and Scotland, and will then move to Treviso, in view of the appointments with Ireland and Wales.

In the squad released today, many players with over 40 caps - Manuela Furlan, reconfirmed Captain; Sara Barattin, the only athlete to have taken part in the celebration dedicated to the Centurions of our rugby; Ilaria Arrighetti, Melissa Bettoni, Lucia Gai, Elisa Giordano, Beatrice Rigoni, Michela Sillari and Sofia Stefan - but also many young players waiting for the debut - 5 uncapped players: Francesca Barro, Alessia Margotti and Emma Stevanin, Valsugana Rugby; Alessandra Frangipani and Emanuela Stecca, Villorba Rugby; Francesca Granzotto, Capitoline Rugby Union.

'For some time now, saying that this is a particular year has become the norm, and this 2022 is certainly no exception. Events of unthinkable impact are unfortunately distorting the context in which we are called to talk about sport, but we try anyway - declares Di Giandomenico.

A few months after the World Cup, it is common thought that the Tiktok Women's Six Nations is a launching pad for the world championship competition, but the strength and tradition of the Tournament are such as to confirm the autonomous and absolutely relevant position of the competition.

At the starting blocks we will meet the two best performing teams on the world scene, France and England, two very demanding matches from a physical and technical point of view.

For the third race, in Ireland, we will have to manage the energies and the athletes wisely. Finally, we will meet a highly motivated Scotland - following qualification for the World Cup - and a Wales in the process of renewal.

We will be able to offer playing opportunities to less experienced players and try some variations within our staff, to recover some athletes and see new ones in the context of competition.

We believe we have a competitive squad, aware of the commitment necessary to guarantee the high performance of the group for the entire duration of the event - he concludes: We have worked well to prepare for the many challenges of this season: the field, as always, will give us the answers. 

All matches of the women's national team will be broadcast on Sky Sport channels:

This is the match schedule of Italy:

Matchday 1 - 27.03.22 - Grenoble, Stade des Alpes - 16.00 CET
France v Italy

Matchday II - 3.04.22 - Parma, Stadio S. Lanfranchi - 16.00 CET
Italy v England

Matchday III - 10.04.22 - Cork, Musgrave Park - 18.00 CET
Ireland v Italy

4th day - 23.04.22 - Parma, S. Lanfranchi Stadium - 20.20 CET
Italy v Scotland

Matchday V - 30.04.22 - Cardiff, Arms Park - 1.00 pm CET
Wales v Italy

The thirty-three athletes called:

ARRIGHETTI Ilaria - Stade Rennais, 51 caps
BARATTIN Sara - Villorba Rugby, 101 caps
BETTONI Melissa - Stade Rennais, 64 caps
BARRO Francesca - Valsugana Rugby Padua, newcomer
CAPOMAGGI Beatrice - Villorba Rugby, 4 caps
D'INCA 'Alyssa - Villorba, 4 caps
DUCA Giordana - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 24 caps
FEDRIGHI Valeria - Stade Toulousain, 28 caps
FRANGIPANI Alessandra - Villorba Rugby, rookie
FRANCO Giada - Rugby Colorno, 21 caps
FURLAN Manuela - Villorba Rugby, 81 caps
GAI Lucia - Valsugana Padova, 76 caps
GIORDANO Elisa - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 49 caps
GRANZOTTO Francesca - Union Rugby Capitolina, rookie
LOCATELLI Isabella - Rugby Colorno, 28 caps
MADIA Veronica - Rugby Colorno, 25 caps
MAGATTI Maria - CUS Milano Rugby, 38 caps
MARGOTTI Alessia - Valsugana Rugby Padova, newcomer
MARIS Gaia - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 6 caps
MERLO Michela - Rugby Colorno, 11 caps
MUZZO Aura - Villorba rugby, 20 caps
OSTUNI MINUZZI Vittoria - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 9 caps
RIGONI Beatrice - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 49 caps
SBERNA Francesca - Rugby Calvisano, 6 caps
SEYE Sara - Rugby Calvisano, 2 caps
SILLARI Michela - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 63 caps
STECCA Emanuela - Villorba Rugby, rookie
STEFAN Sofia - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 62 caps
TOUNESI Sara - ASM Romagnat, 18 caps
TURANI Silvia - Rugby Colorno, 16 caps
STEVANIN Emma - Valsugana Rugby Padova, newcomer
VECCHINI Vittoria - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 3 caps
VERONESE Beatrice - Valsugana Rugby Padova, 7 caps

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