Jonny May Turns Down Official Invite To North Korea

Jonny May Turns Down Official Invite To North Korea

Jonny May has revealed he received an official invitation to visit North Korea after speaking out about his fascination of the Asian country.

Alongside his fellow England teammate Ben Te'o, the Leicester wing began watching a documentary on North Korea during the Six Nations earlier this year.

May joked he could '' fix the situation there '', but what initially started out as a joke turned into a very serious matter as the North Korean embassy sent him an official invitation.

"I got back to Gloucester and there was this letter waiting for me with a wax stamp on it, the full works, saying 'private, confidential'," May told the Daily Mail.

"It was a letter from the North Korean embassy. I swear on my life.

"It said, 'Hi Jonny. We've seen that you and Ben Te'o are interested in our country and we'd love to arrange a trip up to the embassy for you, to meet all our president's dignitaries, then we can organise a VIP tour to North Korea'.

"I sent the picture to Ben saying, 'What the hell is going on? Is this a wind-up?'. He said, 'No, I've had one too, they're watching us!'. That's what's scary, they do watch out like that, they have a Google alert. When anyone is talking about North Korea, it will pop up.

"I haven't been to the embassy. I'm actually worried about it. I didn't write back. I asked Eddie Jones about it, but we haven't responded to them. It is probably quite a big honour to be invited, but I'm not going to North Korea!"

The prolific winger is known to be an eccentric character in the England squad, with George Ford revealing that he had to boot May out of his flat just three weeks into his move from Gloucester to Leicester.

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