Leinster's Charlie Ryan to retire with immediate effect

Leinster's Charlie Ryan to retire with immediate effect

Irish giants Leinster and their promising young second-row, Charlie Ryan, have been dealt a serious blow with the news that the 23 year-old will have to hang up his boots with immediate effect after an exhausting battle with a recurring knee injury.

Indications were that Ryan would have done big things in Irish rugby with a glittering past behind him in the junior ranks. A significant loss, he will be missed on the pitch by Leinster.

Ryan's full statement:

“I finish my career deeply grateful to Leinster Rugby. Firstly, to Leo and the coaching staff for showing belief in me as a person and player despite my injury struggle. The signing of a senior contract with my boyhood club was one of my proudest moments, there’s nothing more the club could have done for me with respect to this injury.

“I leave the club at peace mentally due to the tireless work of the medical team. Every possible avenue to success was explored.

“I would like to thank my physio Karl Denvir especially; the last two years have been filled with his constant and unwavering efforts to help me. This work included weekends, late nights and early mornings without a hint of negativity or resignation.

“I’m certain Karl could not have possibly put more of himself in this effort to get me back playing, I am endlessly grateful to the man due to his willingness to sacrifice so much of his personal life to help his players get back doing what they love. We both finish this journey with our heads held high, many times the outcome is not within your full control, we did everything within our power to influence it.

“There are a countless number of coaches and mentors I will thank personally over the coming days for the help I received to get here.

“I loved playing the game, I’m so incredibly lucky to have got the opportunity to play it, I don’t regret one second of the journey. I have made connections with some incredible people that will last a lifetime. I could not have got to this point without the endless support from my family and friends. I am incredibly lucky to have had them there to help me. I wouldn’t have got anywhere near where I am now if it was not for their selfless support of me in my pursuit of this dream.

“The game can be cruel, I still love it and I will be supporting the boys from the stands with the utmost respect for what they put themselves through physically and mentally to get out there and put on the jersey. I wish the players and the coaches the very best of luck for the future.

“Although the outcome of this journey is not Plan A, I am certain within myself that nothing more could have been done, for that I am endlessly grateful and will not be looking back.

“The club has given me the opportunity to give absolutely everything I could to get back playing. Ultimately it was not possible but what more could I have asked for.

“Thank you and best of luck, lads!"

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