Mostert joins Gloucester but awaits Green light

Mostert joins Gloucester but awaits Green light

Springbok lock Franco Mostert has arrived at Gloucester but must wait for the green light from World Rugby before making his debut for the side.

The South African Rugby Union and the Lions asked World Rugby to intervene in the deal between Gloucester and Mostert on the grounds of “irregular player movement,” claiming that negotiations begun with Mostert’s agent while he was still under contract.

Mostert's arrival at the club was postponed due to his commitments with the Springboks but has since joined the club and met the players at the club.

Gloucester head coach Johan Ackermann said: “Franco has now joined us. He’s in Gloucester, he’s met the squad, he’s here.

“We’re excited to have him here. He’s been through a long Super Rugby (season) and a long Test series back home with The Championship and also now in Europe.

“He’s played a lot of 80 minute games so we’ll obviously have to manage him and see but we’re confident that he’s got a legal contract with us and World Rugby will hopefully soon give us our clearance that we can register him and get back on the field.”

“I just know that the whole thing is being put to World Rugby to make a decision and hopefully it will be one that the player believes will also be taken into account,” he said.

“We don’t want to keep a player without work and also we’re keen to get him involved here so hopefully this week or somewhere in the near future it will be resolved because it’s an ongoing thing.

“David (Humphreys, Gloucester director of rugby), Steve (Vaughan, chief executive), the club, World Rugby is involved with it now so hopefully common sense will prevail.”

Story via: Gloucestershire Live


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