Premiership threaten to split from the RFU

Premiership threaten to split from the RFU

Nik Simon has reported that Premiership Rugby have threatened a radical move to break away from the RFU and form their own independent league.





Writing for the Daily Mail, Simon stated that in board meeting minutes seen by The Mail on Sunday, club chairmen discussed an 'unregulated competition' if the RFU refuse to scrap promotion and relegation.



The Premiership club owners are admit that the Championship is a 'monetary disaster' and are becoming increasingly rebellious following a year of tension with the governing body. But a breakaway would jeopardise the £30million a year Professional Game Agreement with the RFU, sacrifice the game's framework and could prove catastrophic for the national team.

The minutes revealed in Simon's piece state: 'If the RFU were to be unwilling to support change, we shall need to ensure access to match officials and palyer insuarance cover (as this is a joint policy), as this would potentilaly become an unregulated competition.' 
CVC's Bernie Ecclestone, who was consulted on the deal, told the Mail: 'CVC will grow it (Premiership Rugby) to make a profit. If you got hold the guys and tarted them up, it would be better than American football.'


Credit: Dailymail

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