Rassie Erasmus & Eddie Jones weigh-in on Farrell's tackle

Rassie Erasmus & Eddie Jones weigh-in on Farrell's tackle

Eddie Jones is uncertain what will come of Owen Farrell’s controversial tackle on Andre Esterhuizen.

The England co-captain is now sweating over a potential citing ahead of next week’s clash with the All Blacks at Twickenham.

The 26-year-old playmaker will still wait nervously with the potential to be cited for the challenge still a possibility with citing commissioner having until 5pm (UK time) on Sunday to take any action.


Speaking after the 12-11 victory, England coach Jones expressed his frustration with what gets cited in the current era but did not provide his view on whether he believes his co-captain will face any action.

“You can get cited now for something you did at a party when  you were 15,” he joked in his post-match press conference. “The good thing is they didn’t have iPhones when I was 15. We had Nokia phones… the little ones that didn’t have a camera.

“I’ve got no idea what can happen.

“I was thinking I hope he doesn’t penalise us. It was a good solid tackle. It’s not for me to adjudicate.”

South Africa head coach Rassie Erasmus was just as humoured afterwards, taking a sarcastic approach that shone through in his response.

“Nothing upset me, because if it was legal we just have to latch on a little bit and tackle the same. If it was legal, we should do it because it’s very effective. To tackle a guy like Andre Esterhuizen like that and stop him in his track, that’s unbelievable, so we’ll have to try and practice that.”

Pushed on whether his sarcastic tone demonstrated his unhappiness, Erasmus added: “No not at all, I just think it’s really effective.”

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