Romania ahead of Springbok clash: assistant coach Anesi, Cretu, Conache

Romania ahead of Springbok clash: assistant coach Anesi, Cretu, Conache

Soseni Anesi, assistant coach

On whether the feeling among the team is more apprehensive or excited to play South Africa:

"We're very excited to play South Africa, we've had a taste of what the level is at the Rugby World Cup (against Ireland). We have our final rehearsal this morning and we'll be physically and mentally ready for South Africa."

On what type of game he expects:

"Physicality. We know they (South Africa) are big and mobile athletes. But we'll just make sure we focus on what we need to improve from last week, we've got to get our set-piece right, our defence, and in attack we've got to hold onto the ball."

On whether he is concerned about the difference between the two teams leading to a large score in South Africa's favour:

"If we improve on what we need to improve from last week, get some belief and confidence in what we're doing, we know what South Africa is going to bring, physicality, their kicking game, so we've just got to make sure that we stick together, focus on us, and hopefully we can put in a performance that we're proud of."

"We saw the match last night against Namibia and the All Blacks, but we also saw the match against France and Uruguay, so it can be different situations tomorrow. We've just got to make sure we're up to the challenge."

On playing Ireland and South Africa:

"It's a different environment, a different ball game. We've prepared enough for these games but we'll probably learn a lot (more) in these two games than we've learnt in the past two years. The level is very different, the speed of the game is very different. If we make sure we do the simple things well, against Ireland we didn't keep the ball that we wanted to, we let some soft tries in, so we've learned a lesson from last week and tomorrow we've just got to make sure we execute this."

"We want to make sure we improve every game, we trust the game we want to play and learn from these games. It's going to be a spectacular day tomorrow and we're looking forward to the challenge.

On Malcolm Marx's injury and whether it takes a little bit of pressure of Romania:

"Yes it does, but looking at their selection they've gone with four number nines in the team and we know how South Africans are with their tactics and strategy, they probably have some objectives for this game, but the focus is on us to make sure we get our preparation right. We need to fire some shots tomorrow and it's going to be a special occasion for us."

Thomas Cretu, prop

On his French origins:

"My mother is from Guadeloupe, so that's my link with France, and my father is Romanian who came to France when he was 17, and that's where he met my mother. So I grew up in France but I would spend all my summers in Romania, with my grandparents. I don't speak a lot of Romanian but I'm learning more and more. My brothers speak a bit better."

On whether helps his teammates learn about French food and culture:

"Yes of course, the food, and the wine, whether it's the culture or language, they like to learn. We've discovered a lot of French dishes so far."

On playing at his first World Cup:

"It means a lot, especially at my age, it's not something that we imagine happening for someone of my age, so it's a big chance, I'm very excited, especially against a team like South Africa. I'm very happy, very proud. My mother will be in the stadium and the rest of my family will be watching on television."

On the bus ride to the stadium ahead of a match:

"On the way to the stadium there is always a bit of music, but once we're at the stadium we're all concentrated on the match."

Alin Conache, scrum-half

On making his Rugby World Cup debut against Ireland:

"It was a great feeling, I never played in front of 40,000 people in the stands before, so it was something new for me and the boys. No one played against the best team in the world (before) so it was something great. I spoke with my family and I think they are proud of me."
On playing South Africa:

"We are playing the world champions so it will be hard, and we prepare for this game, we will never give up and we will try our best."

On the lack of World Cup experience in the Romanian team:

"We are waiting for the next game to play, we want to learn from these games. I think only (Florin) Surugiu has played at World Cup before so for everyone else it's a new experience. We want to play better and better to improve ourselves."

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