Sexton not caught up with emotion ahead of his last Six Nations

Sexton not caught up with emotion ahead of his last Six Nations

One of Irish rugby’s greatest ever servants, Johnny Sexton, says he will be focused on not getting caught up in the emotions associated with his last Six Nations Championship.

Sexton made his tournament debut in 2010 and, after thirteen years, finds himself as Ireland’s most valuable player.

When asked if there were any extra feelings ahead of the competition’s kick off next weekend, Sexton responded with:

‘A little bit, but you can't let it get in your way,” he said, speaking to the Daily Mail. ‘It's happened already this season where sometimes you're so desperate to succeed, you can get in your own way. 

'I need to try to block that out and just go out and, not enjoy it, but make the most of it and just show what you can do. 

'I think that's when I'm at my best, when I'm out there, trying to show people.

‘The Six Nations put up something on socials there last week from when we were much younger and that brings you back. 

‘My wife was slagging me about how young I looked and how chubby in the cheeks I was. But once you're in camp, it's the same, I'm as nervous now as I was when I was about to get my debut in the Six Nations. 

'It's still a special feeling, it hasn't gone and it will be there to the end.’

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