Six Nations Countdown: The Last 22 Years

Six Nations Countdown: The Last 22 Years

It is 22 days until the 2023 Six Nations get underway, yesterday we selected our All Star 23 in the start of our daily countdown. In 2000 the Six Nations played it's very first game, having been the Five Nations and Home Nations in the years before. 

It has been 22 years under the new banner and we take a look back at all the winners, and losers up until now.


To date, France were the first Grand Slam Winners (2002) and the last (2022). They have won the tournament six times and pulled off a Grand Slam in four of those wins. 


Ireland have won the title just four times ('09,'14,'15 & '18) with two Grand Slams. They have won six Triple Crowns during that time and taken home points and the bragging rights over England with 13 Millennium Trophy wins.


England were the first ever winners of the newly formed Six Nations in 2000 and went on to defend their title too. They have won seven titles, two Grand Slams and five Triple Crowns.


The Scotish are yet to win the Six Nations. Scotland have four wooden spoons to their name but since 2000 have won the Calcutta Cup six times and will be looking to roll England for a third consecutive time in 2023.


The Welsh have six titles to their name of which four were Grand Slams. Their last victory was in 2021 which was also their only other Triple Crown. 


Italy have caused some upsets over the last few years but their Six Nations reading is a bitter pill to swallow for the side that joined the Five Nations teams in 2000. They have finished last on 17 occasions.

  Champions Grand Slam  
France 6 4  
Ireland 4 2  
England 7 2  
Scotland 0 0  
Wales 6 4  
Italy 0 0  

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