Six Nations deal could derail Nations Championship - reports

Six Nations deal could derail Nations Championship - reports

World Rugby's Nations Championship concept could hit yet another roadblock following the joint statement from the Premiership and LNR.

The latest roadblock could come from rugby's oldest championship with the Six Nations considering an offer from private equity firm CVC to sell a stake in the championship according to a report from Chris Jones at the BBC.

Rugby's power-brokers will meet in Dublin this week over the proposed Nations Championship with World Rugby presenting their vision on Thursday.

If the Six Nations were to sell private equity to CVC it would almost certainly derail the chances of the Nations Championship getting off the ground. The interest from CVC - one of a handful of possible options - means the Six Nations would be faced with deciding between selling to private money or embracing the World Rugby-sanctioned Nations Championship.

The report by the BBC states: 'It is understood CVC's offer is for an approximate 30% share in the Six Nations. Sources at the unions have not denied an offer is on the table but insist a deal is not imminent.'

The offer from CVC follows their acquisition of 27% shareholdings in England's Premiership. 

While the Nations Championship is expected to provide a 40% uplift in revenues, without surrendering control, the Six Nations may be swayed by the sheer size of CVC's offer.

If a deal between the CVC and the Six Nations be signed, Six Nations matches could be taken off free-to-air television, while a 30% stake would mean 30% less revenue for each country year-on-year.


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