Siya Kolisi cautioned for headbutt

Siya Kolisi cautioned for headbutt

Siya Kolisi (South Africa) has received a Citing Commissioner Warning from Citing Commissioner David Pelton (USA) for striking with the head (Law 9.12) during the 31st minute of the Scotland versus South Africa November test at BT Murrayfield on 17 November.

Having reviewed the video angles, the Citing Commissioner determined that there were mitigating factors which meant that the action did not meet the red card threshold, including the player being illegally prevented from re-joining the play by Scotland’s Peter Horne and the moderate force of the strike to the side of the head. The match officials did not see the incident at the time on the field of play.

Under World Rugby Regulation 17, a Citing Commissioner Warning is issued for offences falling just short of a red card and, or similarly to cards, will form part of the player’s disciplinary record.


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