Stats | Ulster v Leinster

Stats | Ulster v Leinster

Leinster scored 3 tries to Ulster's 2 but it was the 3 penalty goals that gave the men in white their victory!

Meters made

Jacob Stockdale made 94 meters with Ethan Mcilroy coming in 2nd with 45.

Defenders beaten

Will Addison from Ulster beath 6 defenders. He also made the most breaks (3)


McCann, Stockdale, Connors, Keenan, Timoney and McCloskey all made 11 carries.


Cooney made 101 passes. Luke McGrath of Leinster made 56.


McCloskey threw 4 offloads.


Jack Conan of Leinster made a mammoth 20 tackles. Timoney, McCann and Ryan all made 19 tackles.

Ulster won 118 rucks and Leinster 94.

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