Sunwolves launch initiative to fight Super Rugby axe

Sunwolves launch initiative to fight Super Rugby axe

The Sunwolves has invited fans to come and sign a big Sunwolves jersey after their match with the Reds this weekend following the speculation that they could face the axe as soon as next season.

The current deal signed that saw the Sunwolves included in the competition expires in 2021 but recent reports suggest that their fate could be decided at a SANZAAR meeting on Thursday with South Africa leading the way in axing the side as soon as next season.

The Sunwolves have responded to the speculation by releasing a message to their supporters asking them to come and write to SANZAAR on a big Sunwolves jersey this weekend:

"Lately you may see many media coverage and SNS posts about whether Sunwolves can survive in the Super Rugby in the future. Our apologies for making you deeply concerned.

We also thank all the fans who love us, believe us and fight with us. We are a challenger who takes the road not taken. This is the dream come true – a dream that a Japanese team joins the Super Rugby, which is the world best rugby league. We have just started our dream journey.

2019, the 4th season of Sunwolves, sees the earliest victory ever, first win against New Zealand team and first win in the away match. We are getting better season by season and week by week. Under the circumstances where Super Rugby has struggled to attract audiences to the stadium, Sunwolves has attracted more than 14 thousand people in the stadium at the opening match. We are gaining confidence to run the business as a professional team. All of this is thanks to the fans who support us at any moment.

Theses three actions which we can take for the future of Sunwolves.

To gain the victories and show the meaning of Sunwolves in the Super Rugby.

To bring more audience to the stadium so that we can enlarge the value for media and sponsors which can create future business opportunities. To contribute to the business of Super Rugby by showing the spectacle and enjoyable rugby games to the fans in Japan and Asia.

To promote rugby through our home-grown culture which has been crated by fans and rugby park projects which can entertain fans.

Therefore, let us ask a favour of you. We wish all of you to join our tough and unforeseeable journey with team and players who make the future of Japan Rugby. 

We hereby introduce the project by which all the fans can send your thoughts of Sunwovles to SANZAAR who runs the Super Rugby.

Writing your wish on the big jersey
What you will do: write down your messages to Sunwolves on the jersey
Date and time: After the match on March 16th
Venue: back concourse of Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium.

We yet know if Sunwolves will go nor give up our dream and mission.

We challenge the world, and redefining Japan.
We take pride in Japan and inspire the world.

Thank you all for your support.

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