Top 14's Wealthiest Club Cuts Budget By 20%

Top 14's Wealthiest Club Cuts Budget By 20%

Concerns over Corona Virus have prompted France's wealthiest club, Stade Francais to slash its budget by 20%.

Club general manager Thomas Lombardi made the announcement on Wednesday, adding that the club had suffered a loss of sponsorship and ticket sales as a result of the regulations designed to combat the virus. 

Everyone will have to wet the jersey” according to Thomas Lombard ...

“The situation is worrying. We were unable to play all of our home games. The club, like the rest of the Top 14 has been extremely impacted,” Lombard told AFP.

“The worst thing would be to play behind closed doors. Because it cuts pretty much the whole of our income. We’ll have television rights money but it doesn’t play that big of a role in our budget,” he added.

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