Zebre Rugby change name to Zebre Parma

Zebre Rugby change name to Zebre Parma

Zebre Rugby have officially changed their name to Zebre Parma in the United Rugby Championship.

The decision by the club board of directors has been welcomed by both the URC and has also been communicated to the board of the EPCR Challenge Cup.

The decision has a high symbolic and strategic value: with this initiative, Zebre intend to further confirm their ties with the city and the territory that have hosted the Italian team since 2012, becoming ambassadors of the name and value of the Parma brand on the prestigious stages of Europe, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Chairman of Zebre Parma Michele Dalai said: "In April we began a process of getting closer to the city, its institutions and people that sees in this new name, Zebre Parma, an important junction. In a spectacular and ambitious championship like the URC it is essential to have an identity and that identity can be easily traced back to a context, to a precise physical location. Parma is the city where we play, where our players live and which we are proud to represent in Europe and around the world".

Zebre have already proudly displayed the logo of "Parma UNSECO City of Gastronomy" on their match day kit. A new feature this year, in addition to the logo of "Parma Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2021/22" on the Macron branded match kits, will be the decision to promote the name "Zebre Parma" in the official communications of the United Rugby Championship. 

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