Antoine Dupont Named Investec Player Of The Year 2024

Antoine Dupont Named Investec Player Of The Year 2024

Stade Toulousain's extraordinary scrum-half Antoine Dupont has been named the Investec Player of the Year for 2024.

Dupont has become the first player ever to win the award twice, with the 2024 honour joining his 2021 triumph.

On both occasions he helped Stade Toulousain to the Investec Champions Cup title. In 2024, at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, he was named Investec Player of the Match after an incredible battle against Leinster Rugby, which went to extra-time. Dupont, a scrum-half, made four turnovers in that match alone.

"In extra time, we knew it was going to be tough," Dupont said, reflecting on the 2024 final. "We know that in extra time, you have to dig deep.

"We just had to throw ourselves into the battle and not give up, demonstrating an extraordinary state of mind. In those minutes, it was all in the mind.

"It's pure happiness quite simply [to win the trophy]. It's an emotion that's hard to describe in words. You work so hard for it.

"When you're this close to the trophy, you have to go all the way because you don't know when it will happen again. We know how difficult it is to win this competition. This year, we felt we had what it took to go all the way."

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