Cheika refuses to comment on Joubert's decisions

Cheika refuses to comment on Joubert's decisions
Australia boss Michael Cheika wouldn’t comment on key refereeing decision from Craig Joubert that handed his side a win over Scotland.

"It is not until you go back and watch all the game you can make your assessments. You have got to live with the ones you get and the ones you don’t,” Cheika said.

"Because of a couple of things that have happened to me over my career, I have become quite neutral on these things.”

Cheika added that describing the 35-34 win as an escape wouldn’t quite be accurate given his side ran in plenty of tries.

"Usually if you kick a goal at the end of the game to win, it's a pretty good escape. Saying that, if you score five tries, then you expect to be near the winning side. Maybe we shouldn't have opened it up for them but we wanted to play to our identity which is to play running footy,” added Cheika.

"When the goal went over for Scotland, many teams would have thought 'let's go home, we have had a good run'. I just liked the way we got back into the game any way we could."

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