Jimmy Gopperth extends stay with Provence Rugby

Jimmy Gopperth extends stay with Provence Rugby

Jimmy Gopperth will continue to defy time in Provence. Provence Rugby announced that fly-half Jimmy Gopperth will play one more season (at least) with the club.

The New Zealander arrived last summer and immediately imposed his leadership, professionalism and rigor within a workforce where he undoubtedly sets an example. A very high level athlete, Jimmy Gopperth continues to play matches. While he will celebrate his 41st birthday at the end of the season, he has already totaled 23 matches in Black and has accumulated 139 points with more than 85% success against the poles.

Bringing serenity to the number 10 position, in the kicking game and ball in hand, Jimmy Gopperth also demonstrated this season that he could be a very interesting alternative to the three-quarter center position. Thanks in particular to undeniable defensive capabilities.

Deal sealed with Jimmy Gopperth!

 Often the first to celebrate the tries scored with his partners, always there to support his teammates in defeat, not hesitating to speak up at important moments, Jimmy Gopperth testifies, day after day, to the pleasure that rugby represents for him. Embellished with an ambition and an enthusiasm that has not aged a bit.

From the caste of those players who never cheat, Jimmy Gopperth is approaching... 500 professional matches. A rare performance. Which he will therefore enrich under the Provence Rugby jersey. For one more season. Or more. So time doesn't seem to have any influence on Jimmy Gopperth. What we were already writing when he arrived, a year ago…

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