Milestone achievement awaits for Crosbie

Milestone achievement awaits for Crosbie

Luke Crosbie is on the cusp of a special milestone: his 100th appearance for Edinburgh Rugby. This Saturday against Benetton, the flanker will join a prestigious club of players who have donned the Edinburgh jersey a century of times. It's a journey Crosbie never quite envisioned, but one he's cherished every step of the way.

“It means a lot,” Crosbie reflects. “Coming through the club, I never thought I’d get to 100 but it’s come up pretty quick. 100 games at 27 is a decent stat, I’m just happy to play that much for my home club.”

Crosbie’s path to a centurion began at Currie RFC, before the back-row progressed to the Edinburgh Rugby pro-academy under then-Head Coach Richard Cockerill.

“I obviously came straight out of U20s to pre-season at Meggetland, then my first competitive game against Zebre at Myreside.” He acknowledges the improvements made at the club since his debut. “We’ve got a better pitch now and our own stadium, it’s been cool to come through the whole journey.”

While Crosbie is proud of the achievement, he’s not letting it distract from the task at hand. “We know the importance of the Benetton game,” he says. “We need to win, but that’s the same for every game. We’re just focused on delivering away from home and getting the job done.”

A core part of Crosbie’s success has been the unwavering support of his family and girlfriend, Belle Hassan. “They’re all buzzing as well,” he beams. His family, particularly his dad and uncle, have been there for him since the beginning. “They drove to U20s games in France, and even when I was breaking through, they drove down for a game against London Irish. They rarely miss a game.”

His girlfriend, Belle, though new to the world of rugby, has quickly become a pillar of support. “She’s a big help,” he says with a smile. “She’s starting to understand just how sore you are after games! She’s got a big job keeping me fed, but she’s doing a good job so far.”

Crosbie also acknowledges his girlfriend’s father – actor Tamer Hassan – with a chuckle.

“We get along well,” he says. “He’s a tough one though. The first time we met, he wanted to make sure I could look after his daughter, so it turned into a bit of a sparring match at Christmas. Let’s just say, I passed the test!”

While rugby wasn’t a part of Crosbie’s family background, their unwavering support has been a constant.

“No one in my family really knew what rugby was,” he admits. “I saw it at Livingston and just picked it up, and here we are at potentially 100 games. It’s been a pretty mad ride, to be fair.”

From those early days at Malleny Park to his upcoming 100th appearance, Luke Crosbie’s journey with Edinburgh Rugby is a testament to hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of those around him.

This Saturday, he’ll take the field not just for himself and the club, but for the family who have been with him every step of the way.


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