Louis Bielle-Biarrey rugby player
Louis Bielle-Biarrey rugby player

Louis Bielle-Biarrey

19th Jun 2003 1.84m/79kg Left Wing

Louis Bielle-Biarry was born on June 19 2003 in a small town Isére with just 8000 inhabitants. When he was just five years old, his parents introduced him to rugby and he was immediately hooked. At just 13 years old, Louis arrived in the big club of the region and continued his training in Grenoble. He spent five seasons learning at FC Grenoble before flying to Bordeaux-Bégles during the 2021 off season.

Louis has played 18 games with Bordeaux-Bégles of which he was a starter in 14 of them, this after never playing a single match with the pros. In his first game for Bordeaux and his first European appearance, he scored an amazing hat trick. His first selection for the U20's France team was on June 25 2021, just six days after his 18th birthday.

Louis has played in the right wing position and as a back before being asked to switch his position to No.10. He now prefers playing in the Full back position.

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2023, Louis has been named to play for France.

ML June 2023


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