Trevor 1w

great win!

Padraig O'Rourke 1w

Can’t post. What gives

Peter Murphy 1w

Only comments from Leinster fans are saying the ref robbed them... listen to the words of your captain, lost it in the first half, move on.

Sean Carroll 1w

We lost it at the scrum
Front row overpowered
Makes the recent move of squad props leaving for other Irish provinces all the worst
Thought we might win in last fifteen as Saracens were exhausted
Great pity to end the season in that manner

Ben Turner 1w

Great game.

Fergus O'Rourke 1w

Game ruined by poor decisions from the man in the middle. The officials are meant to be neutral.

Darragh Kelly 1w

I wonder how much they paid Pascals Gauzene G

Ultimate Rugby 1w

Into touch and that will be the ball game as Saracens hold off Leinster to march on to the Champions Cup semi-finals.

James 1w

Bunch of c*nts

Ultimate Rugby 1w

Final play of the match