John M. Feb 2

Adrian, you gave me a great laugh. Well played, sir. Well played.

Jackson Feb 2

Good one Adrian.

Will Feb 2

agreed john. rugby has always been about mutual respect for both teams playing. good luck to Scotland next week. I'll certainly be an honorary Scotsman next weekend! 😁 I just hope England can turn it round too

John M. Feb 2

Will, you’re a good lad. Much respect to all those athletes out there. It’s a rough sport, not for the faint of heart.

Will Feb 2

I felt the post at the beginning about Scotland not having scored a try at home against England since 2004 was tempting fate a little! as an English fan, I agree that certainly some of Nigel Owens calls were questionable against England while Scotland seemed to get away with murder at times but then again Im a firm believer that you just cant blame refs for a loss. at the end of the day, England simply weren't there for 70 minutes of the match and that will never be good enough no matter who you play. Scotland's attack in the 1st half was fantastic to watch and they took their chances brilliantly. Their defence in the 2nd half was immense even when England finally arrived with 10 minutes to go. well done Scotland, you deserve this!

John Ryan Feb 2

At least Ireland has been warned about Scotland now and luckily the match will be in Dublin. I think we can look forward to a cracker on St Patrick's Day when a beaten England will meet an unbeaten Ireland 😎

Stephen L Feb 2

Completely agreed RobertO. England should learn from this defeat, complacency will always come back to haunt us. Hopefully Scotland will turn over Ireland, and a pissed off England will massacre France. Tournament blown wide open, great viewing for any neutrals!

RobertO Feb 2

Look, I feel Nigel didn’t let much go for England and didn’t mirror that for Scotland but Scotland smashed us let’s face it. We played too wide, not tight enough and didn’t want it enough. It doesn’t take much away from England’s progress in the long term but on this day Scotland were far superior regardless of a few dodgy calls.

Ben Harper Feb 2

Well... at least it wasn't Wales! 🤣 Fair play Scotland, you really deserved that win

Doug Morris Feb 2

There’s no excuses. Scotland wanted it more, played brilliant rugby and came away with the prize. Well deserved.