Stephen Colliar Feb 2

Making life hard for ourselves as per usual. Glad we got the win but still haven’t played well so far.

Ben Harper Feb 2

Watched the game, well done Scotland 👏 Looking forward to the game at Murrayfield in 2 weeks time 🌷

Marcy Maxi Feb 2

MBE OBE’s next

Marcy Maxi Feb 2

Oh jeez they giving Scotland players medals and a trophy 😲

Darren R Feb 2

We made that harder than it needed to be.

Ethan Taylor Feb 2

Oh shut the **** up robbie

Marcy Maxi Feb 2

With lacey as the ref

Robbie Feb 2

Ray u know ur live on air don’t ya

Ethan Taylor Feb 2

Scotland at home are a force

Marcy Maxi Feb 2

Andy nicol just said scots are underdogs for world cup