England to take major share of CVC deal

England to take major share of CVC deal

England are set to take 31.4% of the commercial rights from the new deal with CVC for the Six Nations according to Bernard Laporte's opposition for the president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR).

Florian Grill, who is currently in running for the President of the FFR, released a statement on Thursday where he slammed the negiation skills of the current FFR Steering Committee which consists of Bernard Laporte and Serge Simon.

In the release, Grill claimed that France is set to get 18.9% of the commercial rights from the new Six Nations deal with CVC. Under the current deal, 75% of the funds from the commercial rights is equally distributed between the Six Nations.

The teams are also rewarded for their performance with Grill stating that in 2018, Italy received 19 million euros (for coming last) and 24 million (for Ireland, who won the Grand Slam).

Grill continued to critise the negiation skills of the FFR who he says have been operating at a loss for four successive years which led to them finalise their share of the CVC deal urgently. 

He said that the deal was unbalanced and not in the interest of French Rugby.

According to recent reports, the CVC/Six Nations negotiation is “still ongoing” but the Six Nations unions did agree last February to pool their media rights for the first time, and Sky’s deal for England’s autumn home matches has ended, as has the BBC’s corresponding arrangement with Scotland and Wales.

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