Pichot or Beaumont - How the Unions are expected vote or have voted already

Pichot or Beaumont - How the Unions are expected vote or have voted already

The votes are in and the new Chairman of World Rugby will be announced on 12 May 2020.

We have broken down who has voted for Sir Bill Beaumont and Agustin Pichot with some of the unions having already made their vote public.

The Breakdown of the votes:

Members with 3 Votes:







-New Zealand


-South Africa



Members with 2 Votes:


-The 6 Regional Rugby Union bodies: Asia Rugby, Oceania Rugby, Rugby Africa, Rugby Europe, Rugby North America, Sudamérica Rugby


Members with 1 Vote:









22 votes are held by Europe, 10 by Oceania, 6 by South America, 5 by Africa and 4 by Asia and North America.


30 of the 51 votes are held by Tier 1 Nations.

In total there are 51 votes.

Agustin Pichot

New Zealand Rugby and Australia have both publically backed Agustin Pichot with their six votes in total. Argentina and South Africa are expected to follow suit although neither have publically stated their position.

Pichot has also received Asia's two votes with Japan likely to follow. He is also expected to get two votes from Sudamérica Rugby. 

Sir Bill Beaumont

The northern hemisphere's Six Nations unions are expected to vote unanimously for Englishman Beaumont's re-election for a second four-year term with Wales already confirming that they have voted for Beaumont.

Rugby Europe have used their two votes to also back Beaumont. New Zealand media reported earlier this month that Samoa had promised Beaumont its vote at last year's Rugby World Cup.

The Fiji Rugby Union seconded Beaumont's campaign and is expected to vote for him despite its chairman Francis Kean stepping down from the World Rugby Council.


There are some uncertainties of which way some countries may vote but as it stands, Beaumont is set to edge Pichot by a fine margin thanks mostly to the European votes.  

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