Viliame ‘Bill’ Mata extends stay at Edinburgh

Viliame ‘Bill’ Mata extends stay at Edinburgh

Lock/loose-forward Viliame ‘Bill’ Mata has signed an unspecified extension contract with Edinburgh.

The big Fijian has 81 appearances for the club since 2016 and seems to be in positive mood regarding the new development.

“I feel truly blessed and I thank God for another opportunity to extend our stay here in Edinburgh,” he said.

The 29 year-old has reportedly turned down a number of offers from other clubs in order to continue his career at Murrayfield.

“Edinburgh are heading to a good stage right now and think we’re building together well as a team,” he continued. “Since I started, I have felt my rugby has progressed season after season, so staying with the club means I can hopefully progress even more and aim higher than where I am now.

“All the staff have been really helpful, especially the S&C who have created a personal programme for me to suit my recovery and physical needs. To be honest, in my second season I wasn’t sure I’d last long in Edinburgh,  maybe because of the difference in weather and being so far from home, but we feel truly blessed that we are still here and that my family now call Edinburgh ‘home’ as well.

“After the second year, Richard Cockerill came in and the S&C programme started to change. I felt like I had a bit more in me that I could show. Since then I have been grabbing every opportunity. That’s why I’m still here now and staying for more.

“My daughter knows only two places, Fiji and Edinburgh, and it’s home for our son because he was born here. My wife feels that way too and we are very happy. The fans play a big part in that too. I’m grateful to them for sticking with the team now and, with me extending my contract. Hopefully, I can produce more for the team and make them even happier in the seasons to come.”

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