World Rugby Election To Be Decided By One Man - Report

World Rugby Election To Be Decided By One Man - Report

The fate of the next World Rugby Chairman is reportedly set to come down to just one man with Fijian Prime Minster Frank Bainimarama set to decide the outcome.


According to a report by Liam Napier in the New Zealand Heraldthe Six Nations and Sanzaar countries are locked in a classic north versus south standoff over the future direction of the global game and according to the paper, one vote from the small nation in the south pacific could swing the World Rugby election Bill Beaumont or Agustin Pichot's way.


The vote which will take place on Sunday via email is understood to be that close.


Francis Kean stepped down from his role with World Rugby after his manslaughter conviction, allegations of homophobia, while he was head of Fiji's prison service following immense public scrutiny. 


Kean's place on the World Rugby council will be taken by Fiji Rugby Union chief executive, John O'Connor.


Kean's withdrawal allows the seven remaining nominations to the executive committee to proceed without the need for a vote, which strips Fiji of the chance to exert any genuine influence on the future of the game.


Fiji seconded Beaumont's nomination for chairman, but Kean's withdrawal dramatically alters the context of their vote. A vote for Beaumont or Pichot could be Fiji's one chance to play their one card in the next four-year cycle.

Kean's nomination for the executive committee was seconded by French rugby president, Bernard Laporte, who is running alongside Beaumont for the vice-chairman role. But with Kean now out of the picture and the executive committee position gone with him, Fiji have no obligation and arguably little to gain by supporting Beaumont's reinstatement.

The Herald understands former Argentine captain Pichot has garnered enough support from other previously undecided tier-two nations to recoup much of Sanzaar's six-vote shortfall against the Six Nations unions.


Ultimately, that leaves Bainimarama in a position of power, and there is hope among Sanzaar he will perform a late U-turn to support their vision for change.

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