Aristot Benz-Salomon rugby player
Aristot Benz-Salomon rugby player

Aristot Benz-Salomon

17th May 2001 1.74m/111kg Loosehead Prop

Aristot Benz-Salomon is a talented Spanish rugby player who has made a name for himself as a prop. Standing at 1.74 meters tall and weighing in at 111 kilograms, he possesses a strong and powerful physique that makes him well-suited for the demands of his position.

Benz-Salomon is known for his impressive performances on the rugby field, particularly in the scrum, where his strength and technique shine through. His stature and physicality make him a formidable presence, reminiscent of the traditional front-rowers of old.

Currently plying his trade for Bristol Bears in England, Benz-Salomon is part of a rugby family. His brother, Jon, also plays rugby as a tighthead prop. Together, they showcase their shared passion and dedication to the sport, combining their skills and knowledge to contribute to their respective teams.

As a prop, Aristot Benz-Salomon plays a crucial role in the set-piece, providing stability and power in the scrums. Additionally, he is involved in the physical aspects of the game, both in attack and defense, using his size and strength to make impactful carries and tackles.

Although information about Aristot Benz-Salomon may be limited due to his emerging status or playing in lower leagues, his commitment and abilities as a prop demonstrate his potential for growth and success in the world of rugby.



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