Fionn Reid Apr 4

Shouldn't have been a card. Strettle shoved Gary Ringrose out of the way off the ball too.

Thomondpark Mahon Apr 4

hard luck leinster.. great effort

Thomondpark Mahon Apr 4


Stephen O'Neill Apr 4

We've already got a boring slug sliming up this thread.

Garett Farrell Apr 4

Shame Munster and Leinster lost out. Now we're left with a boring slug / bosh fest of a final

Rory Carr Apr 4

Insert MJ eating popcorn image here

Ben Judd Apr 4

You probably think Dan Leavy was robbed of chance to play for the lions 😂

Ben Judd Apr 4

Come on admit it you've only recently become a Leinster fan

David McGill Apr 4

Ben you have proven my point haha delusional

Landon Bone Crusher Slater Apr 4

they put Zane in too late