Siosaia Fifita rugby player
Siosaia Fifita rugby player

Siosaia Fifita

20th Dec 1998 1.87m/105kg Outside Centre

Siosaia Fifita (シオサイア・フィフィタ, Shiosaia Fifita) is a talented rugby union player who was born in Tonga and represents Japan. Born on 20 December 1998, Fifita showcases his skills as a versatile player, primarily playing as a Centre or Wing. Currently, he is an integral part of the Hanazono Kintetsu Liners in Japan Rugby League One.

Fifita's rugby journey has taken him from Tonga to Japan, where he has made a name for himself in the domestic league. His physicality, speed, and agility make him a potent threat on the field, whether he is playing in the midfield or out wide. With his ability to read the game and exploit gaps in the opposition's defense, Fifita poses a constant challenge for the opposing teams.

As a player with Tongan heritage representing Japan, Fifita brings a unique blend of skills, power, and flair to his game. His cultural background adds richness to his playing style and contributes to the diversity of Japanese rugby.

Playing for Hanazono Kintetsu Liners, Fifita has the opportunity to showcase his talents at a high level and continue to develop his game. With dedication, hard work, and further experience, Fifita has the potential to become a key player not only for his club but also for the Japanese national team.

Fifita's presence on the field adds excitement and dynamism to the game. His ability to break through tackles, create scoring opportunities, and contribute to the overall team performance makes him a valuable asset for Hanazono Kintetsu Liners and the growth of rugby in Japan.

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2023, Fifita has been named in the training squad for Japan.



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