Tom Sims

26th Jan 2003 1.81m/108kg Loosehead Prop

Tom Sims, a talented loosehead prop, became a part of the Bristol Bears Scholarship Programme in the summer of 2021. Sims has been associated with the Academy since 2016, showcasing his dedication and commitment to his rugby development.

As a loosehead prop, Sims brings power and strength to the team's front row. Known for his powerful ball-carrying abilities, he adds a dynamic element to the team's attacking plays. Sims' physicality and ability to break through defensive lines make him a valuable asset in gaining crucial meters for his team.

Additionally, Sims is recognized for his strong scrummaging skills, which play a vital role in providing a solid platform for the team's set-piece plays. His technique and strength in the scrum contribute to the team's overall dominance in this area of the game.

Having attended SGS College, Sims has had the opportunity to develop his skills and refine his game under the guidance of experienced coaches. With his time in the Bristol Bears Scholarship Programme, Sims will continue to hone his abilities and further enhance his rugby potential.

Overall, Sims' powerful ball-carrying and scrummaging prowess make him a valuable member of the Bristol Bears Scholarship Programme.



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