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Phillip Paget Aug 8

Disappointed To here lions coach complaining about the red card. Yes it ruins the game abit. But player safety must come first. Lions are still a great team

Bailey Davis Aug 8

good on u saders that will teach the trolls of South Africa.. Bloody good win u deserve it.☺☺

Peter M. Aug 8

Wow, well done to the Crusiesaders - Cruisy alright - incredible away win!!

Garreth Rowan Aug 8

Agreed George, same with Rohan

George Mok Aug 8

Lions should have brought Faf on sooner!!!

Mauritz B. Aug 8

Congrats crusaders, would've been interesting to have seen how 15 on 15 would have turned out, but congratulations on a deserved trophy

Riaan Jordaan Aug 8

This season the system was ****. Too many teams... my team lost today, bit I am sure they would have been there no matter how the matches were set up. They do play some awesome rugby. Congrats to the 'Saders. Wish we had 15 players... lol... at least we can look forward to the tri... oops.. more teams... the Championship... or aomething like that.

Garreth Rowan Aug 8

Fionn clearly not related to Kieron?

Ultimate Rugby Aug 8

The Crusaders run out 25-17 winners over the Lions after they led 15-3 at the break. The pivotal moment of the match came 2 minutes before halftime when the Lions picked up a red card for a dangerous take out of the man in the air. The Crusaders started the second half as they did the first, crossing for an early try and then adding a penalty to lead 25-3. The Lions crossed for their first try with just over 15 minutes to play to give themselves a sniff. The Lions would not go down without a fight and were in again with 8 minutes left on the clock to cut the gap to just eight points. However, it was too little too late as the Crusaders managed to ground out the remaining time unscathed to secure their 8th Super Rugby Title.

Garreth Rowan Aug 8

Salvatore, for the complaints about the system somehow the best teams still contest the finals the last two years.