PJ Botha rugby player
PJ Botha rugby player

PJ Botha

20th Jan 1998 1.82m/100kg Hooker

PJ Botha, born as Pieter Johannes Botha, is a talented South African rugby player who has showcased his skills as a hooker. He began his rugby journey representing various junior teams before making his mark with the Lions in 2017.

Botha's passion for the sport started at a young age, and he honed his skills while representing the Lions at the junior level. His dedication, work ethic, and exceptional performances on the field earned him recognition and opened doors for further opportunities.

In 2017, Botha had the privilege of donning the Lions jersey, marking his entry into professional rugby. Representing the Lions at the senior level was a significant milestone in his career, allowing him to showcase his abilities as a hooker against tough opposition.

Botha's role as a hooker is crucial in the set-piece, where he excels in the scrum and lineouts. His accuracy in throwing into the lineouts, technical prowess in the scrum, and physicality in open play make him a valuable asset to his team.

Prior to his involvement with the Lions, Botha represented various junior teams, showcasing his talent and potential as a hooker. His performances in these teams demonstrated his skill, commitment, and determination to succeed in the sport.

Botha's experiences at the junior level and his time with the Lions have contributed to his growth as a player. The opportunity to train and compete alongside seasoned professionals has provided him with invaluable experience and allowed him to further develop his rugby abilities.

As Botha continues to progress in his rugby career, he carries with him the determination and ambition to make a lasting impact in the sport. His contributions as a hooker for the Lions and various junior teams serve as a testament to his talent and potential.

PJ Botha's journey in rugby exemplifies the rewards that come with hard work, dedication, and a love for the game. With his skills, passion, and commitment to improvement, he is poised to achieve further success in his career as a prominent hooker in the world of rugby.

KG (11/05/2023)


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